Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about selling

To list your property, simply create an account, complete your profile, and follow the prompts to add your property details, photos, and pricing information. Once submitted, our team will review and approve your listing.

  You will need to provide details such as property type, location, size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities, price, and high-quality photos. Additional information like recent renovations or unique features can also enhance your listing.

Yes, we offer various listing packages to suit different needs. Our fees depend on the package you choose, ranging from basic listings to premium options with additional marketing features. Please visit our pricing page for more details.

The duration of your listing depends on the package you select. Standard listings typically last for 30 days, while premium packages may offer extended listing periods. You can also renew your listing if needed.

Yes, you can edit your property listing at any time by logging into your account and updating the details. Changes will be reviewed and approved by our team before they go live on the website.

Our website provides a dashboard where you can track your listing’s performance, including the number of views, inquiries, and other key metrics. Premium listings offer enhanced analytics for deeper insights.

Interested buyers can contact you directly through the contact form on your property listing page. Their inquiries will be sent to your registered email address, and you can also manage communications through your account dashboard.

Yes, we offer various marketing services to boost your listing’s visibility, including featured listings, social media promotion, and email marketing campaigns. These services are available with our premium packages.

Ensure your property is clean, well-maintained, and staged for appealing photographs. High-quality photos are crucial for attracting buyers. Consider making minor repairs or improvements to enhance the property’s appeal.

Once you receive an offer, you can negotiate directly with the buyer through our platform or via your preferred communication method. It’s advisable to consult with a real estate agent or attorney to ensure all legal and financial aspects are properly managed.

Yes, you can list multiple properties. Each property will need its own listing with complete details and photos. Our premium packages offer discounts for multiple listings.

Our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may have. You can contact us via email, phone, or live chat for prompt assistance.

Once your property is sold, you can easily remove the listing by logging into your account and marking it as sold. This will automatically take the listing offline.

Our website offers user-friendly features, competitive pricing, robust marketing tools, and excellent customer support. We strive to provide a seamless experience for sellers and maximize exposure to potential buyers.

We accept listings for a wide range of properties, including residential, commercial, and land. However, all listings must comply with our terms of service and local regulations. Properties that do not meet these standards may be subject to removal.

By providing comprehensive support and innovative tools, our real estate listing website aims to make selling your property as efficient and effective as possible. If you have further questions, feel free to contact our support team.

Questions about renting

To search for rental properties, simply enter your desired location, budget, and property type in the search bar on our homepage. You can further refine your search using filters such as the number of bedrooms, amenities, and property features.

No, our website is completely free for renters to use. You can browse listings, save your favorites, and contact property owners or agents without any charges.

To schedule a viewing, click on the property listing you’re interested in and use the contact form or provided contact details to reach out to the property owner or agent. They will arrange a convenient time for you to visit the property.

Yes, many of our listings offer the option to apply online. Look for the “Apply Now” button on the property listing page, where you can submit your application and any required documents securely.

Typically, you will need to provide proof of income (such as pay stubs or tax returns), a copy of your ID, and rental references. Specific requirements may vary by property, so check the listing details or contact the property owner or agent for more information.

Our listings are regularly updated to reflect current availability. However, it’s always a good idea to contact the property owner or agent directly to confirm that the property is still available before scheduling a viewing or submitting an application.

If you experience any issues with your rental property, contact the property owner or property management company as soon as possible. Their contact information should be provided in your lease agreement or on our website.

If you notice any inaccuracies or issues with a property listing, please use the “Report Listing” button on the listing page to notify our team. We will investigate and address the problem promptly.

Yes, rent and lease terms are often negotiable. It’s best to discuss your needs and any potential adjustments directly with the property owner or agent during your initial contact or viewing.

Lease renewal terms will vary by property and landlord. Typically, you will be contacted by the property owner or management company several months before your lease expires to discuss renewal options. If not, reach out to them to inquire about extending your lease.

Our website charges renters a fee of 2000FCFA for visiting the property without renting it. But when renters decide to rent the property they will not pay the visit fee. In this case, the property owner will pay us the equivalent of one month of the rent fee. Always review the listing details and ask the property owner or agent about any potential additional costs about their property.

To set up a tenant account, click on the “Register” button on the homepage. Follow the instructions to create your profile, which will allow you to save favorite listings, track your application status, and receive notifications about new properties that match your criteria.

Our website allows you to filter properties based on various amenities such as bathrooms, trash, electricity and water, furnished options, internet and more. Use the filter options on the search results page to find properties with the amenities you desire.

We take your privacy and security seriously. Our website uses advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your personal information. For more details, please review our Privacy Policy.

If you need assistance, you can reach our customer support team through the “Contact Us” page on our website. We offer support via email, phone, and live chat to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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